Please note the following Terms and Conditions apply to bookings placed directly on the EVM WHEELS website or through an affiliate website. Throughout this document, EVM Wheels will be referred to as 'the company' after the first mention.

The terms and conditions of the company are the policies that govern the relationship between the Company and the User. These terms and conditions (as amended from time to time including all Schedules and Annexures hereto) shall constitute a legally valid and binding contract under the Applicable Laws and the use of any product Services either through EVM Wheels’s Website or Application (hereinafter referred to as App”) by the User shall be deemed to be an acceptance of all the terms and conditions set forth herein. Users are advised to read these terms and conditions carefully before using/registering on the Website/ App or availing Services through the same. EVM Wheels reserves the right to alter/modify/change these terms and conditions in its sole discretion, from time to time, with or without prior notice to the User. Notice of any changes shall be made by EVM Wheels, promptly and communicated/brought to the attention of the User in such manner as it deems fit.


Requirements to Rent        


You must bring the following items to collect your car:

For Customers NOT arriving by flight:

For customers who are arriving by flight:

Where proof of address is insufficient, customers will be offered the option to undergo an ID check for a fee of INR 250 payable by the customer.

Customers who pass the ID check will be able to proceed with the rental. Customers who fail the check will not be provided with a vehicle and will be refunded in full. Customers who decline the ID check will not be eligible for a refund.

Driver License Requirements

  1. Drivers must bring previous driving licenses or a letter from their driving license authority stating that they have held it for at least the minimum period if their current driving license does not show the full period.
  2. Digital Driving licenses are not accepted, a physical driving license is required.
  3. For International Driving license, License must be in Roman letters, Latin alphabet or accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP).
  4. Exclusions will apply with regards to traffic violations or penalty points. Any offences relating to drink or drug usage (however old) may result in no car being offered.
  5. Vehicles used for customer and reward are excluded from the insurance policy.
  6. Customers must ensure that their current home address is showing on the rental agreement.
  7. Customers who cannot prove return flight will be processed as a local customer and will need to prove their address.
  8. For security reasons name changes are not allowed.
  9. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their license is valid for use in India. Failure to provide a valid license and permit (where required) will result in a non-refundable cancellation of the registration.

[A photograph of drivers is required for insurance formalities and will be taken at the time of rental. In keeping with privacy legislation, the image will not be shared outside the company or its insurer unless illegal activity is suspected, at which point it could be shared with Police or a duly authorized enforcement body.]

You may be denied rental for reasons including:

Accepted Methods of Payments and Preauthorization of Deposits

The company locations accept credit cards for payment as detailed below. All credit card payments will be subject to and must pass PIN verification. Cards must be in the main driver's name.




Method of Payment

Accepted for local Rental Charges

Accepted for Security Deposit

Credit Card (VISA / Mastercard)



American Express/ Diners



Debit Card



Pre-Paid / Electronic Use Card






Virtual Cards (E.G Apple Pay/Google Pay)





Failure to present a valid method of payment or lack of sufficient funds on the Credit Card, or if the Credit Card expires within 2 months of customer return date, may result in refusal of vehicle release. No funds paid will be reimbursed.

In the event that the original booking was paid using a third-party card, customers may be required to present details, permissions and authorization relating to the transaction. Failure to provide the information requested may result in refusal.


Driver Age Requirements


Minimum age


Maximum age


*Young Driver Surcharge

Young driver surcharge applies to ages 21 – 24. Charge 100 per day.

Senior Driver Surcharge


Drivers aged 21 to 24 years old will incur restrictions on vehicle size during booking. Drivers aged 21 to 24 cannot drive any large or premium vehicles. Other limitations may apply, please contact rental branch for details.

The standard maximum age for insurance purposes is 80 years. Please check with the branch prior to booking.

*Young drivers may be subject to a different pre-authorization amount, please check with the renting branch prior to collection.

Booking Voucher

A printed or electronic copy of your voucher is required to confirm your booking details upon arrival at the rental desk.


The company website offers multi-pricing packages with differing inclusions and deposit/excess amounts. Details of each package will be available during booking and on the rental voucher. The customer is responsible for checking package inclusions before booking.


EVM Wheels Basic

Security deposit

Without Fuel

120 Km Per Day

Non refundable

Non amendable

Damage charges as per policy


EVM Wheels Plus

Security deposit

Without Fuel

180 Km Per Day

Cancellation as per Policy


Damage charges as per policy

EVM Wheels Premium

Security deposit – NIL

Without Fuel

Unlimited Kms

Cancellation as per Policy


Damage charges as per policy

Additional Driver incorporated


All packages include:

Manufacturer Warranty

Breakdown Assistance

Third Party Liability



Deposits, Excess and Additional Cover

The company offers 3 packages with varying protection levels; Basic, Plus, Premium. Please see below for details.

Credit card pre-authorization will be used for security deposits. This rings-fences the deposit amount rather than transacting as a sale. The monies must be available but will not leave the account until released by the issuing bank. This usually takes up to 10 working days, however can take up to 30 days depending on card type, bank and country.

Customers using debit card for deposit must pay security deposit in advance.

*Premium fleet cars include brands such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW. This list is not exhaustive.


Protection packages



Reduces Excess liability charges for denting and painting only to zero. Excess for other damage, major accident repairs and damage to tyre and windshield remains unchanged and is NOT covered.



Reduces Excess liability charges for denting, painting, other damage, major accident repairs and damage to tyre and windshield to zero. Downtime charges are NOT covered.



Reduces Excess liability charges for denting, painting, other damage, major accident repairs and damage to tyre and windshield to zero. Downtime charges also covered for minor dents and scratches.

*Downtime waiver not applicable for high collision/total loss damages.


Extra Services

All optional extras can be subject to price changes without notice and are subject to availability.

Additional Driver: 200 per day

Baby seat: 100 per day

Luggage carrier: 200 per day

Mobile charger: 50 per day

Unlimited mileage: 80% per day rental -- No charges for Premium package.

Installation of Baby / Child Seats

Responsibility for installation of child/baby seats rests with the customer and will not be done by company employees due to liability concerns over inappropriate installation.



Vehicles are supplied without fuel. You must maintain the same fuel level at delivery when returning the vehicle. If fuel is lower at drop off, you can top up or pay the fuel cost used. There is no option to refund or adjust extra fuel filled. Customers should not fill more than their expected usage.


Mileage Policy

Basic -- 120 Kms per day

Plus -- 180 Kms per day

Premium -- Unlimited mileage within Kerala

Premium Plus -- Unlimited mileage within Kerala

If mileage allowance is exceeded, a fee will be charged per the extra KM charges policy.

Permitted territory refers to within Kerala state limits.



You can select various per-day KM options under our Basic, Plus, Premium packages. If you exceed the total allowed kilometers, extra charges will apply based on vehicle type.


Roadside Assistance

Manufacturer's warranty roadside assistance is included. Relevant contact details and procedures will be provided before rental commences. The company reserves the right not to provide a replacement vehicle depending on circumstances. The company does not take liability for driver error faults, only provides free recovery or other solution for immobility.

Breakdown costs related to misuse/sympathetic use of vehicle are not covered and will incur charges.


Smoking Policy

It is illegal to smoke in a rental vehicle. If you have smoked or allowed smoking within the vehicle, charges up to the full excess will apply. This includes allowing cigarette (or cigar) smoke or ash into the vehicle, implying the above.


Valeting/Animals in Vehicles

No animals should be transported unless contained. A minimum valeting fee of INR 3000 will apply for animal transportation.

If a vehicle is returned unclean internally/externally requiring more than standard clean, a valeting charge of INR 500 will apply. Hazardous or excessive soiling requiring specialist cleaning will be charged per the specialist required.


Delayed Pick-ups/ No show policy



The company will make every effort to provide a vehicle, which may involve offering a different vehicle at different rates to the original booking.

Late pick-ups outside office hours may incur the 'Out of Hours' fee. Requests via email cannot be guaranteed.

No refunds given for rentals ended early, late pick-ups, no-shows or cancellations after the rental start date.


Lost Keys

A charge will apply for lost or damaged keys. Note that if a vehicle is stolen and keys not returned, the customer will be deemed negligent, liable for all recovery, loss of use and repair costs. This list is not exhaustive.


Rental Extensions

Extensions may not always be possible at the hiring branch. Where agreed, the extension will be charged at the prevailing rate which may differ from the original booking rate.


Un-authorized Rental Extension

This occurs when the customer fails to return the vehicle within the agreed return date, time and location on the contract. This will be a breach of contract and incur charges including reverting to 'Rack Rate' costs:

EVM Wheels Rack Rate Tariff: 2 times the per day rental rate of that vehicle.


Early Drop off/Unused Rental Days

No refunds given for rentals ended early, including purchase of ancillary items, late pick-ups, extensions, no shows or cancellations after the rental start date.


Late Drop off

A grace period applies as detailed in the rental agreement. After this, the booking will be classed as late and additional charges will be due. The minimum charge is INR 500/- per hour but may vary according to the vehicle's rental value. The company will attempt to inform you of costs.

Any optional extras like additional drivers or waivers already taken will be charged. The charge will be applied to the card used for security deposit.

Late drop offs after the grace period are considered unauthorized extensions without written approval from the rental location.


Grace period: 59 minutes



Amendments must be requested in writing via email at least 24 hours before rental start. Please note telephone amendments are not accepted. Amendments may be treated as a new booking.


Fines, Penalties and Administration Charges

The customer is responsible for parking fines and traffic violations. When the company administers the charge, an administration fee of INR 68 per fine will apply to the customer. This is a non-waiverable fee.


Traffic/Parking violations

Full payment of traffic fines and late fees, including cases where we receive notices after the end of booking. Users have to pay it by themself immediately and send a receipt to us OR pay INR 500 extra for each case.

Over-speeding (above 80 KMs/Hr.) INR 1500 will be charged for each over speeding event based on the Govt approved GPS device fitted on the vehicle.


Opening Hours

Location opening hours can be found on www.evmwheels.com. The customer is responsible to check the location's operational hours, along with any national or public holiday closures.


Downtime charges:

In the event of any damages to the vehicle, including accident: User have to pay for the downtime losses (rental loss), according to the following table as the incidental and consequential loss to the company.


Four Wheeler




Upto 15 Days

15 -30 Days

Above 30 Days




25000 + 700 * No of days Exceeding 30 days




35000 + 900 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Premium Sedan/CSUV



45000 + 1200 * No of days Exceeding 30 days




55000 + 1500 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Two Wheeler




Upto 15 Days

15 -30 Days

Above 30 Days




10000 + 300 * No of days Exceeding 30 days




15000 + 450 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Adv Tourer & Sports



20000 + 600 * No of days Exceeding 30 days


*Protection packages stands void in case of high collision damages/total loss damages.

Please note that the maximum liability policy is intended to benefit and protect the responsible user. Customer can book another vehicle online through our website, as a new booking completing all the formalities and payments. Customer can pick up the second vehicle after assuring that, all the procedures as advised by our operations team are completed and the damaged vehicle is returned to the company.



Please send copies of all correspondence with the branch and any other supporting documents to cdm@evmwheels.com

Any complaints should be made via email within 30 days of the return date. Complaints received after this period may not be considered.

Escalation level 1 - operationshead@evmwheels.com

Escalation level 2 - businesshead@evmwheels.com



All information relating to privacy and data protection when using a company service will be contained on our privacy policy which is located on our website.


Cancellation Policy

To read our cancellation policy, Please click here : Cancellation Policy


Terms of Use

General Terms

All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

The company cannot accept liability for any charges incurred on documentation signed for and accepted locally.

The company will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs causing willful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. The customer will accept responsibility in respect of such claims. This list is not exclusive.

The company reserve the right to cancel a rental and refuse the service at any time.

All prices quoted herein are Exclusive of GST.



Any promotional codes used at the time of booking are applied and therefore included within the displayed price. Any terms associated with the promotions must be adhered to at the time of collection.


Fuel Policy

Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) Vehicles

Vehicles are supplied with fuel and should be returned with the same level. The level of fuel supplied is not guaranteed and will be established at the point of vehicle collection, being between 1/8 tank and full. Fuel is at the customer's expense. Customers are recommended to return the car with the same amount of fuel to avoid charges. The amount charged at that point will be higher than those experienced at petrol stations.

This policy applies to all packages. Please refer to the charges displayed at your rental branch.


Electric Vehicles (EV)

Vehicle are supplied with a minimum of 80% battery charge and should be returned with the same percentage battery charge. Customers are recommended to return the car with the same battery charge to avoid charges.

The amount charged at that point will be higher than those experienced at public charging points / stations. This policy applies to all packages. Please refer to the charges displayed at your rental branch.


Mileage Policy

Basic -- 120 Kms per day Plus -- 180 Kms per day Premium -- Unlimited mileage *within the Permitted territory Premium Plus -- Unlimited mileage *within the Permitted territory

If the customer exceeds the mileage allowance for their rental, a fee of as per extra KM charges policy will be charged.


Permitted territory

Permitted territory would refer to within the state limits of the city of Pick Up



You can select from the various per-day KM options we provide, under our basic, Plus, Premium Packages. If you exceed the total allowed kilometers (per day KM x No of days) extra kilometer charges will be applicable at different rates depending on the type of vehicles which will be specified in the booking document.




This section outlines the terms and conditions for renting child seats, car mobile chargers, and car mobile holders (collectively referred to as "Add-on Services") offered by our company.


1. Child/Kids Seat Rental

Rental Fee

Day One: ₹500 + GST

Subsequent Days: ₹100 + GST per day

*Security Deposit: Rs 3000/-, the deposit amount will be refunded along with vehicle security deposit.

*Cleaning Charge: A cleaning charge of ₹500 will be applied if the child seat is returned unclean or soiled.

*Inspection: Upon return, the child seat will be inspected for cleanliness and damage. Loss/Damage charges : Rs 6000/-


2. Mobile Charger Rental

Rental Fee: ₹50 + GST

*Lost/Damaged Charger: In case of a lost or damaged charger, a fee of ₹500 will be charged.


3. Mobile Holder Rental

Rental Fee: ₹50 + GST

*Lost/Damaged Holder: In case of a lost or damaged mobile holder, a fee of ₹500 will be charged.


General Terms

Rental Period: The rental period will be determined at the time of booking. Security Deposit: A security deposit may be required for certain add-on services. This deposit will be refunded upon the return of the item(s) in good condition. Payment: Rental fees and any applicable charges must be paid at the time of car rental.

Late Returns: Late returns will be subject to a late fee as per our company policy. Responsibility: You are responsible for the rented item(s) throughout the rental period.

By renting any Add-on Service, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Please check for updates before renting any Add-on Service.