Tours FAQs


What is EVM Wheels?

EVM Wheels is a legal government approved self-drive Car & Bike Rental Company. It is a new initiative from EVM Group. EVM Group was founded in 1952 from a very humble beginning. Over the years we have expanded our operations across Kerala. Today we are dealers for 16 automotive brands with operations from Trivandrum to Calicut. We provide self-drive vehicle rentals for round-trips, outstation one-way, local one-way and weekly/monthly/yearly rentals. We drop and pick-up vehicles from your doorstep.

Am I eligible to use EVM Wheels services?

To avail EVM Wheels services, you must be at least 21 years old and your driving license for "Light Motor Vehicles" must be at least 1 year old (at the time of starting the trip). You must show us the original driving license and original Aadhar Card or original passport before we hand over the rental vehicle to you.

Can I book an EVM Wheels Vehicle with a driver?

No, you have no option for that.

Which are the areas where I can avail EVM Wheels services?

You can avail EVM Wheels services across Kerala. We have 27 pick-up and drop locations. Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Trivandrum, Quilon, Calicut, Kannur, Wayanad Is there a "kilometers limit" to how much I can drive? You can drive 120KM per day without any extra charges. You are free to drive any amount of kilometers, but when you exceed the limit of 120Km you will have to pay extra charges per extra kilometer.

Are there restrictions on where I can travel?

All of our vehicles are equipped with an All India Tourist Permit, so you are free to drive anywhere in the country. An All India Tourist Permit means that the vehicle is legally permitted to ply in any state in the country after you pay the inter-state taxes at the state borders. However, we do not permit to take our vehicles off-road/bad terrains.

Do I have to bring the vehicle back to the same location?

No. You can choose different delivery and pickup locations within the same city, or even across Kerala (i.e., get a vehicle delivered in one district, and have it picked up in another location within Kerala). However, this needs to be specified before the start of the booking at the time of booking confirmation/modification.

Can my friend/relative pick up the EVM Wheels vehicle from our office location?

The vehicle will be delivered to the same person whose details have been captured in our reservation form & whose ID Proof/Driving License been collected.
You have the option to add a co-driver who can take the delivery in your place. A fixed charge or Rs 200 needs to be paid for the same

Is there any security deposit?

Yes, we have security deposit in practice. You can refer to this in our terms and conditions

What are the fines that EVM Wheels levies on the customer?

Customers are requested not to exceed speed above 80 Km/h. A penalty fine of Rs1500 will be charged each time there you exceed a speed of 80km per hour. Each vehicle has a tracking device and over speeding will be noticed to each customer.

What kind of vehicles can I choose from?

We have created a selection of vehicles: Rent Volkswagen Polo | Rent Volkswagen Vento | Rent Skoda Kushaq | Rent Skoda Rapid | Rent Skoda Slavia | Rent Volkswagen Taigun | Rent Volkswagen Ameo | Rent Tata Altroz | Rent Maruti Dzire | Rent Maruti Swift | Rent Maruti Wagon R | Rent Citreon C3 |Rent Nissan Micra | Rent Nissan Sunny | Rent Nissan Terrano | Rent Nissan Magnite| Rent Nissan Sunny | Rent Datsun redi-GO | Rent Datsun Go Plus | Rent Hyundai Alacazar | Rent Hyundai Creta | Rent Isuzu - MUX | Rent Toyota Crysta | Rent Mahindra Marazzo | Rent MG Hector | Rent MG Hector Plus | Rent MG ZS EV . We have both manual as well as automatic transmissions. (We are constantly increasing our portfolio; so keep a close watch for your favorite vehicle, just in case we dont have it already. We will soon be having other luxury vehicles in our fleet.)

In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, what is my maximum liability?

Downtime charges:

In the event of any damages to the vehicle, including accident: User have to pay for the downtime losses (rental loss), according to the following table as the incidental and consequential loss to the company.

Four Wheeler




Upto 15 Days

15 -30 Days

Above 30 Days




25000 + 700 * No of days Exceeding 30 days




35000 + 900 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Premium Sedan/CSUV



45000 + 1200 * No of days Exceeding 30 days




55000 + 1500 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Two Wheeler




Upto 15 Days

15 -30 Days

Above 30 Days




10000 + 300 * No of days Exceeding 30 days




15000 + 450 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Adv Tourer & Sports



20000 + 600 * No of days Exceeding 30 days

Is EVM Wheels 24/7?

Yes, we are accessible 24x7. But as of now, we dont allow bookings starting or ending between 12 midnight and 5 AM.

Can I take a pet along with me?

While we love pets, some of our customers might be allergic to them so we cant allow pets in vehicles.

Is there any speed limit?

80Kms/Hr is the speed limit. Exceeding it will attract a penalty for over-speeding.

What modes of payments are accepted?

We accept payments by credit cards, debit cards,Google Pay, and net-banking. Payments need to be made in advance through our website

Can I book for any period of time?

For round-trips and local one-way trips, the minimum rental period is 12 hours. There is no upper limit on the rental period (you can book your vehicle for as long as you want). Also, for longer bookings, we can offer you great deals. Just in case you want to book a vehicle for longer than 30 days, please feel free to call us for special rates.

How do I make a booking?

Making a booking with us is quick and easy. You can make a booking through our website by giving us a call at 790253000. Just select where you want to pick up the vehicle, where you want to drop off your vehicle, date and time of pick up and drop and choose the type of vehicle you want. Then enter your payment details, confirm payment and you are ready to go. Please also upload the copies of your driving license & Aadhar Card/Passport before you take delivery of the vehicle.

What if I need to modify or cancel my booking?

You can modify or cancel your booking through our website or by calling us. Our ability to modify/cancel the booking and the relevant charges depend upon your time of informing us and the availability of vehicles. Please refer to our fee policy for more details on the allowable modifications and applicable charges.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

We understand that sometimes there can be last-minute changes in your plans, and we will try our best to accommodate them. But in situations where it can cause trouble to the next user (ie, the person whose booking starts after your ends), we cannot allow late returns. Please refer to our fee policy for more details on late fees and extension charges.

If I return the vehicle before the scheduled end time of my booking, do I get any refunds?

In the case of shortening, we can try arranging an earlier pickup of the vehicle, if you inform us at least 3 hours before your preferred pick-up time. However, no charges or refunds will be applicable on the base fare for the original trip.

What all is included in my booking?

Our prices include the rental charge, insurance, and GST. It does not include the cost of fuel. We give you the vehicle with atleast 2 blocks of fuel, you must return it with 2 blocks itself. In case the fuel level is lower, we will charge you the cost of topping up the fuel to the same half tank level.

Is fuel included in my booking?

Fuel is not included in the rental charges.

Do I get any reimbursement for the fuel I fill in my EVM Wheels vehicle?

Our policy does not give reimbursement for extra fuel filled in the vehicle at the time returning back the vehicle.

Can I club two discount vouchers?

You can only use one offer/promo code per booking.

What modes of payments are accepted?

We accept payments by credit cards, debit cards,Google Pay and net-banking. Payments need to be made in advance through our website.

Are there any extra charges I need to pay?

Besides paying the normal rental charges the extra charges you may incur are the following: For Home Delivery or locations within 5 KM radius from our office, it is free. For distances above 5km radius from our office, extra charges will be applied based on the distance and location. For Airport Delivery Rs300/- extra.for one way . For exceeding the limit of 75km ( 12 hours)150Km/300Km per day extra charges are applicable for extra kilometers run. It varies from based on the vehicle model .In case you select the unlimited Kilometer Package there are no extra charges the kilometers you run. In case the vehicle is returned with fuel level lower than it was delivered with, the cost of topping up the fuel to its original level will be charged. In case the vehicle is returned late extra per hour charges will apply. In case it is returned late without any prior information a late fee of Rs300/- will be charged in addition to the extra hours charges. If it is returned within the grace period of 1 hour no extra charges will apply. In case of traffic violations over speeding, parking tickets, etc, extra charges will apply please check the tariff section.

Who pays for parking and tolls/inter-state entry taxes?

These expenses depend on your usage, hence you need to pay for them.

Do I need to pay the fines incurred during my booking, due to parking/traffic violations?


How much time does it take to get my refund back?

All refunds are typically made within 7 working days of completing the bookings. However, in some cases, there might be some procedural delays from the banks. Please do let us know in case your refund has not been credited to your account within 7 working days and we will make sure that we do everything we can to expedite it.

What documents do I need to take the delivery of my EVM Wheels vehicle?

You will need your original driving license and Aadhar vehicled or passport. If the original documents are not produced, it will be treated as a late cancellation. Driving license printed on an A4 sheet of paper (original or otherwise) will not be considered as a valid document. In case of foreign Nationals the documents we need are Valid International Driving License , Valid Driving License of the country of Origin , and copy of passport . We will need copies of the same and the originals to be presented at the time of handing over the rental vehicle.

How do I check-out ( Take Delivery of the rented vehicle )for my booking?

We can deliver vehicles to your doorstep, at any specified location, or from our office locations. The process will be the same for any delivery. The process will be as follows:- The delivery executive will check the originals of your driving license and Aadhar card/passport. He will make you sign on our vehicle contract form. He will take 5 pictures of the vehicle front, rear, left side, right side, and dashboard of the vehicle. This is to ensure that any damage on the vehicle is captured and also to record the fuel level and current kilometer readings on the vehicle. The pictures will be shared with you on Whats up. The executive will show you the documents in the vehicle and mark a check-list. He will also show you the spare wheel jack and tools in the vehicle. The same will be marked on a check-list

What do I do if the vehicle breaks down or if I meet with an accident?

In such cases, please notify EVM Wheels immediately by calling 6238500017/ 7902530000 and we will guide you through the entire process. We will coordinate with the road-side assistance and insurance. Unless unavoidable, please do not leave the scene of the accident until proper support has arrived. You may be required to file/sign formality documents associated with the accident. In case of an accident please take spot photographs and get a GD entry from the local police station.

What shall I do if the vehicle gets stolen?

You should inform the nearby police station first & reach out to our Customer Care Team at 6238500017/ 7902530000 . Copy of the FIR/GD/acknowledgment from the Police should be hand over to the EVM Wheels Office.

How do I check-in ( Returning of the Vehicle) from my booking?

You can hand over the vehicle to our sales executive at your home, any specified location or at any of our offices. The process followed will be as follows: The executive will check the vehicle for any damages and upload 5 images of the vehicle front, back, left, right, and dashboard. He will check the no of kilometers run during the trip. In case there are extra kilometers he will inform you about the same and will write it on the contract form. He will check the spare wheel, jack, tools, radio, and documents in the vehicle as per the checklist. In case anything is missing the same will be written down on the contract form and he will take your signature. In case of any damage or if anything is missing he will notify of the same and tell you the cost of rectifying the damage or missing items. The amount notified will be deducted from the security deposit and the balance in the security deposit will be refunded within 7 working days. In case any extra amount has to be collected the same will be notified to you and you have to make payment for the same.

What are the requirements when I drive across a state border?

Each state has different procedures and regulations. Most states will require a commercially registered vehicle to stop at the border RTO station to pay the relevant tolls/taxes. All EVM Wheels vehicles are equipped with original copies of the RC card, Insurance Note, Self Drive License, and the All India Permit, which will help you get through this conveniently. For many states, the state entry tax can be paid online as well.

What is the amount that I must pay at a state border crossing?

Prices vary depending on the state and vehicle type (larger vehicles have higher tolls/taxes).

What do I do if a border officer at the state RTO crossing is causing a problem?

This should not occur since all of EVM Wheels vehicles are equipped with all the necessary documents. In the event that an incident arises, please give us a call, and we will do our best to help you get back to driving.

What if I leave something in the EVM Wheels vehicle?

We will do our best to help you find your belongings if you inform us soon enough. But as you can imagine, we cannot guarantee it since finding it back is not fully in our control. Please check the vehicle thoroughly before handing it back to us.